Long story short, I’m just a mom trying to wade through the hilarious waters of raising two boys. Two exceptionally amazing and hilarious boys.

I was laid off from a federal court position (along with my entire department) a month after P was born, and shortly after A stopped talking. We had a long (long long LOOOOONNNNGGGG) road to first developmental preschool, then a developmental pediatrician (at risk, language disorder, developmental delay), to private speech therapy. Then a private psychologist full evaluation with a classic autism diagnosis, along with General Anxiety Disorder and SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder). Being laid off we tried our best to get any therapy but we had a $50 copay a visit until the huge waiting for state services and long term care. Fast forward to now, A gets Speech, Occupational Therapy and Feeding Therapy and finally will be starting his ECA (used to be Hab-M) program this week. And to liven it up he was diagnosed 10/30/2015 with EoE (Eosinophilic Esophagitis) which is pretty much food allergies which cause the esophagus to swell. Blood work has shown him to be severely allergic to dogs and cats, trees, grasses, plants, molds, and 18 foods. Go A! We are currently doing an 8 food elimination diet (no milk, eggs, soy, wheat, tree nuts/peanuts, fish/shellfish) and will do another scope and biopsy at the three month mark.

And oh little P. We called early intervention for P because he also wasn’t talking, but before they could respond and get out to us (a few months wait) we got tubes and started talking. He still qualified for sensory issues and he tendency to line things up, insist on rigid routines, and lick things. yep. He likes to lick stuff like cars or the floor. He LOVES music and is super duper smart. Puzzle whiz. He is doing Occupational Therapy and Feeding Therapy/Speech and developmental preschool. He has had his IQ tested and it always comes out off the charts high. He was recently diagnosed with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder and General Anxiety disorder and we were old he has OCD as well but they won’t officially diagnose it this young.

So this is our life. Hilarious raw and sort of ridiculous. Filled with marbles and marble races. In the rooms, on the ipads, on the TVs in the bins. 11999033_10207704039618416_694611355846477691_n


Break the Parenting Mold


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