It’s Go Time… aka IEP season

So we got our draft IEP from A’s teacher for now until next December, and Monday is IEP meeting day. I went and got the bribes (ahem cookies) today and I am getting my notes all together. It is pretty crazy that we have to go to bat for our kids each and every single time. From what I am hearing this is just the beginning and our school district doesn’t have the best track record. I was even told I need to hire an advocate or a lawyer. Scary since this is preschool. For now the IEP isn’t the worst but I really need to get him all set up for next years when he will be transitioning into kinder.

This year he did not get ESY again which is annoying but from what I’ve heard I probably wouldn’t have used it anyway. I’ve heard you have to transport them yourself to the school that is far away, and they don’t do anything educational, it is just glorified babysitting. I’m not sure how they can say that there hasn’t been any regression or behavioral issues after any breaks since after this last Thanksgiving break the S#*$ hit the fan at home and at school as well. All I could get her to say was that he was easily distracted and hyper. Right.

They changed his six goals to two classroom, both about peer conflict (one that he will resolve conflicts himself instead of sitting and doing nothing or walking away, the second that he will get an adult during peer conflicts rather than sit and cry until someone seeks him out). Two speech goals, increasing descriptive words and sentence length to 4-5 words. Two OT goals focusing on fine motor, that he will make three shapes and he will make 6/7 letters from his name both without tracing. So they added an OT goal and cut a classroom one, specified that OT is 1 on 1, but didn’t increase the number of OT minutes. 45 minutes a month, that’s like 11 a week, less in the months with 5 weeks. You expect him to learn how to write in 11 minutes a week?

Also the biggest issue for me is they took away all of his accommodations and sensory. I am not comfortable with this AT ALL. He has tons of sensory accommodations at home and his regular OT. The teacher (who I love and is great by the way) is telling me he is hyper and can’t sit still for more than 5 minutes. Sounds sensory to me, have you read anything on SPD?

All I know is Monday is going to be VERY interesting. Dino hab is attending the meeting with me and we are both ready to go. Well I am at least, I’ll prep her later haha.


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